One of the biggest hurdles psychiatry has to overcome is people that think they are sane. Now psychiatrists are taught that no one is sane, that everyone is psychotic, neurotic or “underserved.” Several techniques have been developed by the head shrinkers to made people question their own sanity and stability. First,, they medicalized normal behavior such as nail biting, checking to see if the front door is locked more than once when you leave the house, worrying about things, not worrying about things, being too introverted and inactive, being too extroverted and active, and so on, to the tune of more than 300 diagnoses in the latest Diagnostic and Statistical Manual, which is what the shrinks use to bill insurance for literally everything under the sun.

One of the biggest convincers of people that they are nuts, are “direct to consumer” drug ads. Trouble sleeping? Restless legs? Erectile dysfuntion? Feeling low? Ask your doctor if expensive drugging is right for you!

Well, the U.S. is one of only two countries in the world that allow “direct to consumer” ads for prescription drugs. Why? Well, it boosted drug sales by 30 percent or more when you and I went to our doctors and asked for some prescription we saw on TV.

Another convincer is to push the lie that everyone is addicted to something. You may not be a heroin addict shooting up in an alley, but you too, Mr. and Mrs. America, are addicted, and here is a laundry list of addictions basically pulled out of someone’s nether orifice to use in marketing drugs and psychiatric services. Oh and just in case you seek help for that “addiction” be warned that under certain circumstances, you can be held against your will in a facility for up to 72 hours. For those addicted to freedom, that could be a bummer.

OK, so here is the latest batch of “addictions.”

Cell phones
Energy Drinks
Wealth Culture
Martial Arts are Said to Help with Gaming Addiction, but then there’s:

Are you outraged? According to some idiots, outrage is also an addiction so before you find yourself in the loony bin for a 72-hour involuntary hold, better curb that outrage and take a pill.

So there are certain things, like opioid drugs, that cause cravings and physical distress if they are discontinued. The psychs are busily trying to convince everyone that shooting up in an alley is a mental disease that is incurable and must be maintained by pharmaceuticals for the rest of the addict’s life. They don’t think there is such a thing as willpower and try to get drug-free recovery categorized as quackery. So that 72-hour hold for shopping addiction can mean a lifetime on some psychiatric drug. Welcome to the crazy house.